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Cipro: usage, side effects and risks, precautions and contraindications

The most complete review of Cipro. Cipro purchase guide will tell you step by step how to buy Cipro online with no risks for your health. Cipro treatment guide and warning list to avoid complications.

Cipro is a brand name of the antibiotic medicine of a wide spectrum of administration. The drug is used for prevention and treatment of bacterial infections caused with susceptible strains of micro-organisms. The drug is administered to treat various causes of diarrhea in children and adults, bacterial infections of respiratory tract, urinary tract and skin. The medicine is effective and strong enough to work alone against a certain disease. However each individual case requires complex investigation and treatment. That is why Cipro can be administered in combination with other medicines to ensure faster recovery or stronger effect. This depends on the severity of case, scale of contamination and related conditions or complications caused with the infection.

When Cipro is administered for home usage, patients commonly opt to buy Cipro pills. In clinical environment Cipro is commonly administered in injections for intravenous usage to speed up the effect of the medicine. Moreover, during intravenous injection the medicine reaches target tissues faster.

The difference in Cipro pills and injections is evident. When you take a pill, it needs to pass to a stomach, to be digested and then absorbed into the blood. Thus the level of the active component will increase in the body and the medicine will get to the target point. While during intravenous injections Cipro gets directly to the blood and the level of the active component increases in the body instantly. Moreover, when Cipro is absorbed via digestive tract its efficacy gets something lower.

But Cipro pills are much more convenient for home usage, moreover you can take the drug wherever you are at the moment of intake. To increase the efficacy of Cipro pills, please, read this Cipro purchase review further on. The next paragraphs will provide you tips on proper intake of the antibiotics.

How Cipro works?

Cipro kills bacteria. The medicine prevents bacterial DNA structures from replication. Thus the bacteria causing the condition in your body turn unable to grow further. Then the immune system starts clearing the infection out from the body. Unfortunately, human body is unable to develop immunity towards bacterial infections. That is why a patient will always be prone to get the disease back.

Due to its mechanism of action Cipro is effective only against cell forms of life. This antibiotic kills only bacteria of certain strains, but not protozoa or viruses. Mind, that Cipro will not work against all bacterial infections. Still it will ease the symptoms due to potent anti-inflammatory effect. Thus taking the drug against a wrong disease will just worsen the case, however a patient may feel a certain relief after the first few intakes.

A bacterial infection is very hard to diagnose without special lab tests. Some bacterial infections are similarly presented (this means that the diseases perform the same symptoms), but they require different treatment approach.

Only lab tests can indicate which bacteria cause the infections, which is the scale of contamination and to which drugs the active bacteria are susceptible. In most cases a blood test is enough. However some conditions require additional swab and urine tests. All of these tests can be passed in a clinic. Your infection specialist will prescribe you all necessary tests before administering any treatment.

Which conditions are treated with Cipro?

You can buy Cipro and take it as it is administered by your doctor or as it is indicated in the medication guide in case you have one of the following conditions:

  • ·sinusitis
  •  bronchitis
  •  pneumonias
  •  urinary tract inflammations
  •  bone infections (are rarely treated with Cipro due to low penetrability)
  •  peritonitis
  •  abscess in the abdomen
  •  kidney inflammations and bacterial infections
  •  staphilococcus, streptococcus and the infections of skin caused with these strains of bacteria
  •  stomach and intestine infections caused with susceptible strains of bacteria
  •  anthrax
  •  bacterial diarrhea
  •  chancroid
  •  meningitis meningococcal
  •  and many others

Mind, that having discomfort or symptoms of an infection in any of the listed body parts does not mean that Cipro is right for you. Similar conditions and symptoms can be caused with different bacteria.

Due to decades of improper treatment and uncontrolled intake of wrong medicines bacteria have developed resistance to the action of standard antibiotics as Cipro. Thus passing all necessary tests is essential for indicating the susceptibility of a bacterial strain causing the symptoms in your case. The same streptococcus can perform different resistance to drugs.

How to diagnose a disease?

Before you will buy Cipro, please, be sure you have an infection caused with a susceptible srtain of bacteria. To do so you need:

  •  to visit your doctor and to report all bothersome symptoms
  •  to pass all necessary tests – blood, swab and urine – this will indicate which bacteria and to which scale cause the infection
  •  to report all chronic and related conditions to your doctor – these are recent surgeries and severe conditions (for example, pneumonia), allergic reactions, kidney and liver conditions, pregnancy or planning pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. Your doctor will also ask you about certain conditions which can contraindicate or change possible treatment of the infection in your body

Then, you will get Cipro prescribed.

Why you do not need to buy Cipro  without prescription?

Cipro is a prescription medicine which is available only with prescription from your doctor in any of offline drug stores. You can buy Cipro online without your doctor’s prescription as well as without seeing and consulting infection expert. However you must not do so, and there is why:

Cipro is available in different dosages – to kill the infection effectively you must know your daily dosage as well as a schedule of intake. A successful treatment of any disease depends on proper dosing and regular intakes. Once the level of active component drops in the body, the bacteria causing the disease, start growing again in your body. Each box of Cipro comes with a medication guide which will indicate which dosage is on average prescribed to treat such a case. But these are only common indications which do not cover specific cases and individual conditions.

You can suffer from individual intolerability of Cipro – the medication guide will warn you about possible allergy, but will not tell for sure. Only your doctor will tell you whether you will be allergic to this certain antibiotic or not considering previous cases of allergic responses to various drugs.

Cipro is taken for different periods of time – the time of treatment depends on various factors as the type of bacteria, the severity of the infection, scale of contamination and the location of the infection in the body (which body part is affected). If you withdraw the medicine to early, the infection may reoccur, however if you take the drug for a too long period of time, then you will cause additional stress to kidneys and liver.

How to take Cipro correctly?

Before Cipro purchase, please, read carefully the medication guide. This is a necessary condition to consult your health care provider once again in case something in treatment course will turn unclear to you.

Please, do not take Cipro in case the medication guide lists conditions and diseases which you have in the section of contraindications. Ask your doctor whether it is allowed to take this drug with these conditions.

Another important section you must pay attention to is interactions. Certain drugs, vitamins and food supplements can lower the efficacy of antibiotics, while others will interact with Cipro and may cause anaphylaxis. This is another important question to ask your doctor.

Cipro is commonly taken by mouth twice a day in even intervals of time. Rare cases require three intakes in a day. Please, set notifications to take Cipro on time to effectively treat the infection.

If you buy Cipro online in our prmacy, please, be sure to read the medication guide provided by the manufacturer of the drug which you purchase. Commonly the drugs of different manufacturers work in the same way, but in rare cases there are certain differences in the way of intake.

It is not recommended to split, chew, crash or part in any other way a pill of Cipro as in this case you will feel bitter unpleasant taste which will be hard to get rid of. All manufacturers recommend swallowing a whole pill with a glass of water.

Another important recommendation is drinking enough of water during an entire course of

treatment with Cipro.

Cipro is recommended to be taken alone without any other drugs. If you must take certain medications regularly and it is impossible to withdraw treatment during taking Cipro, then the recommendations are as follows:

  •  take Cipro at least 6 hours after taking any other drug if you are not sure the drugs will not interact with each other, increase or decrease efficiency of each other or cause anaphylaxis in your case
  •  take other drugs at least two hours after you take Cipro to avoid the same reactions

There are no specific recommendations in changing of your nutrition plan and in adjusting of your diet to the treatment with Cipro. However if you feel some side effects, you may need certain changes in your meals.

Which side effects can I expect with Cipro?

Before you buy Cipro, please, read the section about side effects of the medicine. Cipro is a fast acting and strong medication, thus it can cause certain discomfort in your body.

The most common side effects are from the digestive system. The drug commonly causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Mind, that if you buy Cipro to treat infection diarrhea, then the condition may get worse during the first days of intake. However in two-three days the condition will normalize.

Other possible side effects related to Cipro intake are troubled sleeping (insomnia) and headaches. If these symptoms turn persistent, then consult your physician as soon as possible. Please, do not take any other drugs to treat the bothersome symptoms as only Cipro treatment change will relive the symptoms. Additional drugs will only provide temporary effect. Moreover some drugs may interact with Cipro.

There are serious condition which must alarm you to call emergency as soon as possible:

  •  abnormal bleedings or bruising on skin
  •  symptoms of added infection
  •  noticeable worsening of the initial conditions
  •  change in amount of urine, it color and consistency
  •  symptoms of liver problems presented with severe abdominal pain, excessive tiredness and sleepiness, yellowing of skin or eyes, change in stool, dark urine)
  •  fainting
  •  irregular heartbeat

Do not try to correct these conditions with other medicines. Please, do not take any drugs as well as Cipro before your health care provider will examine you as the drugs may change the symptoms.

Some patients report severe diarrhea persisting for weeks after the end of treatment. This condition must be corrected with proper nutrition and additional medicines prescribed you only by health care provider.

What precautions there are with Cipro?

Before Cipro purchase, please, be sure you know all precautions and contraindications of the drug.

Whether you ask your doctor or read the medication guide, please, be sure to pay attention to this issue. To the main precautions of Cipro the next conditions and factors belong:

  •  having allergic reactions previously in health history
  •  taking drugs which are forbidden with Cipro – in this case, please, be sure to wait enough before treatment start because certain medicines are left in the body for up to several days
  •  having serious conditions as cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney problems, mental problems as neuropathies, brain tumors
  •  pregnancy, planning pregnancy or breastfeeding

Only your doctor will estimate the risks and benefits of treatment for your specific case and will make a decision whether Cipro is right for you. Certain cases may require constant medical monitoring of response and additional supporting therapy for other conditions.

Cipro online official source warns you against uncontrollable intake of Cipro. Though Cipro is a safe drug, still it can cause severe reactions. In case of improper treatment, the infection may get worse and the condition may threaten your life.